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Beach Wedding Bouquets and Other Ideas for Your Florist

Witnessing the room reveal on her client’s wedding day is a Dallas Wedding Florist favorite part of her job. It’s the moment when her hard work and creative vision come to life.

A beach wedding florist needs flowers that match the salt, sand, and sun. The anthurium’s waxy, leaf-like blooms are a sturdy choice for bridal bouquets and table arrangements.


Hibiscus flowers are an excellent choice for beach wedding bouquets, as they add color to the setting. These tropical plants can be found in many shades of pink, red, and white. They can also complement other tropical blooms like orchids and proteas to create a vibrant floral display that will complement your theme.

The hibiscus flower is an iconic symbol of love, devotion, and friendship. It is often used as a romantic gift for anniversaries or on Valentine’s Day, and it can be an attractive alternative to roses. Moreover, hibiscus flowers are often used to symbolize purity and spirituality in Hindu culture, as well as in several other cultures throughout the world. This is because the hibiscus flower’s bright red color represents divine feminine energy.

When choosing a florist for your beach wedding, consider whether they have experience working with tropical flowers. If they do, they will know how to preserve the flowers and keep them looking their best. Additionally, they will have the proper equipment for arranging and transporting them to your venue.

Hibiscus blooms are an ideal choice for bridal bouquets because they are durable and can withstand the sun’s heat. These flowers are also beautiful in cut arrangements. They can last up to seven hours without water, so you don’t have to worry about them drying out. However, it is important to remember that hibiscus flowers must be kept in cool, dark places to avoid wilting.

In addition to its beauty, hibiscus has several health benefits. It is rich in vitamin C and has anti-oxidants that can help protect against heart disease. It can also treat high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. It is also known for its natural ability to boost immunity and fight infections.

Hibiscus is an easy-to-grow flower grown in sunny or shaded locations. It grows in full or partial sun and does well in nutrient-rich soil that is well-drained. If growing indoors, hibiscus should be placed near a window but protected from strong sunlight. If planting outdoors, hibiscus must be gradually acclimatized to the sun.

Whether planning your beach wedding at a coastal venue or an exotic destination, incorporating native greenery is a stylish and affordable way to complement your flower arrangements. The right foliage will add a tropical flair, and it can also help to keep your flowers looking fresh throughout the day—especially if you’re hosting a wedding in hot weather.

Here are a few tips when working with a long-distance florist: Trade lots of inspiration photos and ask your florist what’s in bloom when you plan your ceremony. Then, ensure you have an accurate timeline for delivery and pickup. Also, consider using a floral hydration protective spray on your wedding flowers to extend their life and keep them looking their best.

If you’re planning a spring or summer beach wedding, roses are an easy choice. This classic standby is in season from late spring through early fall. It comes in various shapes, colors, and scents that fit almost any bridal aesthetic. Add garden or spray roses to bouquets and boutonnieres for a romantic touch, or try fragrant roses such as lisianthus or gardenias for an elegant look.

Hydrangeas are another popular warm-weather wedding flower that’s perfect for beach weddings. These versatile blooms resemble peonies but have a more star-like quality, making them great for creating fuller bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Choose whites for a modern look or pinks and blues that evoke sunsets and ocean waves.

Orchids are another long-lasting flower that can create an elegant, romantic bouquet. If you’re looking for something a little less traditional, try hybrid dendrobium orchids, which are a lot cheaper than Cymbidium orchids and offer a similar color range. Orchids also work well as accent flowers in a larger floral crown or as a centerpiece decoration in a vase.

Tropical flowers like plumeria and hibiscus are also great options for beach weddings. These flowers are vibrant and colorful, and their lush petals are a gorgeous addition to any bridal bouquet. They also hold up well in the heat and can be used to create a unique boutonniere or corsage.

Lilies are a great addition to beach wedding bouquets because of their ability to pair with different color palettes. They also adapt well to tropical temperatures and will stand out in an outdoor beach wedding. White calla lilies are an elegant choice for a classic beach wedding. They can be paired with greenery to create a stunning bridal bouquet. Calla lilies are available in various shades, from soft ivory to mahogany, and work well with other tropical flowers such as orchids, anthuriums, and birds of paradise. Brighter lilies, such as Stargazer or Asiatic Lilies, are perfect for modern weddings and will add a splash of color to an all-white bouquet or a mixed bouquet. Pairing Stargazer or Asian Lilies with other modern elements, such as geometric shapes and metallic accents, will make your wedding bouquet a sophisticated statement piece.

Another option for a beach-inspired wedding is the delicate plumeria. The bright flower is a great way to elicit a cheerful and fun vibe for your big day. It looks beautiful when placed in corsages, boutonnieres, and table arrangements. The flowers are a great match for a bright, tropical wedding and pair beautifully with other tropical flowers such as safari sunset leucadendron or hibiscus.

A more understated option for a beach wedding is the dahlia. The delicate blooms are a versatile flower that can be used in various seasons, ranging from late summer to early autumn. Dahlias come in multiple shades, from eggshell to chocolate, and can be paired with other seasonal flowers to create a stunning bouquet. The dahlia can elevate a more rustic or bohemian wedding theme, blending elegance and free-spirited whimsy.

Orchids are a popular choice for a tropical beach wedding, and they are available in a wide range of colors to suit any style. Orchids can also be a budget-friendly choice for a bride since they are not as expensive as other flowers. Orchids can be a beautiful standalone flower or added to a bridal bouquet or boutonniere for an extra special touch.

Orchids are a beautiful choice for a beach wedding. These delicate flowers are easy to maintain in warm weather, and they pair beautifully with a wide range of colors. Your florist can use them in centerpieces, bridal bouquets, and other arrangements. They are also a great option for creating unique floral backdrops. For example, you could have your florist make a long chain of orchids for your ceremony site and fill it with water so guests can shower the newlyweds with petals as they walk down the aisle.

Another benefit of using orchids for a beach wedding is that they can help keep your flowers looking their best throughout the day. Many flowers can be difficult to stay hydrated in hot temperatures, but orchids are relatively easy to maintain. The sturdiness of orchids means that they can stand up to high winds and scorching sun better than some other types of flowers. They also have a natural aroma that can add to the overall ambiance of your wedding ceremony.

Orchid flowers are a beautiful choice for a beachy wedding because they evoke the sense of adventure and romance of a destination wedding. Additionally, they can withstand the elements of nature found at a beach, such as saltwater, sand, and wind. Orchids also come in various colors, so your florist can create an arrangement that suits your taste and budget.

In addition to their beauty, orchids are a good choice for a beach wedding because they thrive in warm climates and can stand up to the rigors of the outdoors. They are also resistant to insects, making them a good choice for a wedding at a tropical resort.

Whether you prefer a bright, multicolored mix or an all-white floral decor scheme, your florist can create an orchid arrangement that meets your needs and fits your wedding theme. In addition to a plethora of color options, orchids also have a variety of shapes and textures that can add a touch of elegance to your special day.